Why We’re Different

We live in a land that seemingly has a local church on every corner. So, why another local church?

Howell Bible Church was not planted to be divisive. We planted to be a place where Christians could gather to worship our God and be equipped to proclaim His excellencies in the world He has made. We desire to be a place where disciples can be made who will in turn disciple others.

If you worship with us, you’ll notice from the very beginning that we’re a little different.

We don’t try to be different for the sake of being different. We have attempted to build our ministry models off of Scripture and not the culture. This results in some differences that are fairly obvious.

We are trying to be faithful to Scripture, not American traditions. We are attempting to do all things for edification. Not in the short-term, but the long-term. We aren’t perfect. We’re attempting to let the Word of God direct our ways even when that is uncomfortable.

All around our country there are divided congregations that emphasize programs over unity in Christ. The fruit of this division is young people walking away from the church at an alarming rate.

A study by the Barna Research Group indicates that only 3 out of 10 young people stay faithful to their church affiliation, meaning 70% of young people walk away from their association with the church:

Overall, about three out of ten young people who grow up with a Christian background stay faithful to church and to faith throughout their transitions from the teen years through their twenties.

This is both alarming and unacceptable. Something in our predominant American church models is leading us astray.

We desire to exalt the Word of God. We desire to worship our God together as a family – brothers and sisters in Christ. We desire to create a culture of discipleship that spans generations.

This unified worship includes all ages, genders, and interest groups praying together, singing together, hearing the Word of God together, and fellowshipping together.

If you gather together with us you can expect to be included in our conversation, prayer, and worship. Our gatherings expect people to actively participate.

We don’t expect people to come as consumers who passively participate in our service as if they were watching a movie or a play. Children and adults participate in all aspects of our Sunday gatherings together. We understand that this “togetherness” can sometimes be messy. We believe that it is worth it.

There is a depth of relationship and accountability that is fostered in being together that cannot be attained when everyone is segmented into their own programs, classrooms, and activities.

We are not interested in short-term results. Our church model is not built on pragmatism and successful business models. We are building on the foundation described in the Scriptures. We are concerned with long-term goals of biblical worship and discipleship according to Christ’s design for His church.

If you’re interested in discussing why we prioritize what we do, then please contact us (info@howellbible.org). We’d love to worship God together with you.